Sheet of Paper

Photoshop tutorial - how to create a sheet of paper.

  1. Create new file and set the file size about 20 x 20 pixels. It should be in RGB mode.
    Screen #1
  2. Set maximum zoom 1600% (Ctrl + + several times)
  3. By means of pencil tool draw the sheet borders
    Screen #2
  4. Draw right angle
    Screen #3
  5. Make selection with Magic Wand, fill selection with white color. When filling be sure that anti-aliased combo is unchecked.
    Screen #4
  6. Apply the same actions to right angle but use grey color for filling. After using pencil with grey color try make something similar.
    Screen #5
  7. Crop the canvas and save file for web (Alt + Shift + Ctlr + S) in gif format.
  8. Sheet of Paper

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